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  • Melts to -15° F
  • Contains 10 – 15% Calcium Chloride
  • Contains two patented melting accelerators
  • Magnesium Chloride Free

Ice Melter Performance:

The faster an ice melter works, the less chance there is for a mishap to occur. That’s why NATIONAL BLUE® contains two patented accelerating agents.

NATIONAL BLUE® has been shown in Strategic Highway Research Program testing, to exceed the melt value of a theoretical 50% calcium chloride blend.

Safe for Concrete and Vegetation:

NATIONAL BLUE® will not harm concrete and vegetation when used according to label instruction.

NATIONAL BLUE® contains no added magnesium chloride which has been shown in studies to chemically attack concrete. Incorporating liquid anti-icing practices with dry application rates is essential to reducing chloride and salt impacts on the environment.