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Northland Synergy Synthetic® OE is a high performance synthetic engine oil formulation qualified and licensed to the latest General Motors dexos™ 1 Gen 2 oil specification and designed to provide unsurpassed performance in contemporary gasoline-fueled automobiles and light-duty trucks. Synergy Synthetic® OE engine oil exceeds the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) highest gasoline engine oil performance classification of SN Plus and also exceeds the latest ILSAC GF-5 performance designation as required by all North American and Japanese automobile manufacturers. Utilizing 100% synthetic base oil technology, Northland Synergy Synthetic® OE has demonstrated outstanding resistance to the formation of sludge and oxidation deposits proven to cause premature engine wear and oil consumption. Northland Synergy Synthetic® OE also utilizes robust anti-wear additive technology that reduces internal engine friction and wear, contributing to improved fuel economy and longer engine life.

Northland Synergy Synthetic® OE uses a unique shear-stable viscosity improver that provides exceptional cold temperature flow performance far exceeding specification requirements and allowing critical lubrication and effortless start-up in extreme cold conditions. Synergy Synthetic® OE engine oil also provides exceptional “stay-in-grade” viscosity control to insure consistent film strength and shear stability required for longer oil drain intervals.

Northland Synergy Synthetic® OE engine oil meets and exceeds the warranty and performance requirements of all domestic and foreign automobile and light-duty truck manufacturers requiring the General Motors dexos™ 1 Gen 2, API SN Plus / ILSAC GF-5 performance specification (viscosity-grade dependent). Consult the manufacturer’s owner’s manual for proper viscosity grade selection and oil drain interval recommendations.


Meets the performance and/or specifications for:  
American Petroleum Institute (API) SN Plus (Resource Conserving)
General Motors dexos™ 1 Gen 2 0W-20 License # D10611HI020